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Latest Update: RUM TASTINGS ARE STILL AVAILABLE! (sadly, due to the pandemic, the Orange Plaza tasting shop has closed) If you want to do a rum tasting just give us a call! We'll provide you our location and if needed provide transportation. You can call direct or use WHATSAPP 297-7470165 or 297-7428994. Marcia and Jerome will deliver your favorite flavored rums and other liquors right to you!

Just give us a call! The Arubian Taste still has all of their wonderful flavors of Rum and flavors of Whiskey and Tequilla! Some of the most favorite flavored rums are Coco-Pine (coconut and pineapple), coconut, mango, watermellon, spiced, coffee, chocolate, Arubian Joy (coconut, chocolate and almond), white chocolate raspberry, aloe, spicy ginger, extra spicy ginger, pistachio, tamarind, banana, passion fruit, BBR (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry), guava, almond, maple and hazelnut, cactus, blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, vanilla, chocolate mint, cinnamon and many more.

The Arubian Taste also carries Arubian Ponche De Crema, Pistachio Cream Rum, Caramel Cream Rum, Coconut Cream Rum, Butterscotch Cream Rum and the Arubian Mudslide. Pre-mixed island drinks like Aruba Ariba, Arubian Sniper, Mai Tai, Hurricane, Arubian Sharpsooter and Sex on the Beach are also available (you just add juice)!

And of couse there's a selection of rums like 500 Years, Premium Gold, 2 Years Aged, and 151 Brown. Also, flavored whiskeys like cinnamon whiskey called papasito, and a stronger cinnamon whiskey (their version of Fireball).

Arubian Taste will promptly deliver to your residence or resort. Let them know if you'll be traveling and they will bubble wrap your selections.

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